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Your System Got Hacked!!
India Revenge Just Began.Now You'll See Us Everywhere

::: #Free Kashmir :::

 |Stop Killing Innocent Muslims In Kashmir.
Everyday,Every Moments You're Killing Too Many Innocent Muslims &
You're Burning Their Houses And All The Things
Afterwards You're Saying Muslims Are Terrorist.
You Are The Real Terrorist India.
We Fuck Your Government & Fuck Your CyberSpace.You Can Make Fool To The World But Not Us.
Cyber War Has Been Declared On Indian CyberSpace & You Will see Exactly What We Are Capable Of.
We Will Take You Off From The Internet

| =RBBD & BCF= |

| How Muslims Keep Sleeping even After Oppression & Mass Killing
No More Delay,Wake Up Muslim,Join The Struggle For Liberation
Respond To The Call Of Oppressed People Today,Look-The Martyers Are Calling You
If You Sleep & Wait For The World,There Will Be No Benefit By Shouting Only
Wake Up Muslim,Wake Up Muslim By The Bell For Struggle
Wake Up,Wake Up All The Muslims With Takbeer. |
| #Allah Hu Akbar |


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We are : Royal Battler BD & Bangladesh Civilian Force
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